Inspirational Teacher Winners 2018

Inspirational Teacher Awards 2018

Each year Down Syndrome Queensland recognises the significant contribution made to the education of students with Down syndrome throughout our state.  The annual Inspirational Teaching Awards highlight the valuable work being done by teachers and teaching assistants across all educational settings.

Down Syndrome Queensland is pleased to announce that the winners of the Inspirational Teaching Awards for 2018 are:

Katrina Norton

Katrina is a teacher at Heatley Secondary College who sees every student as an authentic learner. Katrina recognises individual student challenges and uses them to strengthen their engagement in learning.  Katrina has undertaken Professional Development to ensure she is using strategies that engage her students in learning to their full potential.

“Ms Norton thrives on the challenges of differentiating the year level curriculum.  This is her absolute strength as a skilled teacher.”
Mother of student with Down syndrome

Lyn Knight

Lyn is a Teacher Aide at Samford State School, who works absolute marvels with her students. Lyn treats every student with respect and warmth. She has high expectations of all her students and always pushes to succeed beyond expectations.

“Lyn makes learning fun, adapting the lesson into multi sensory sessions”
Mother of student with Down syndrome

We would like to congratulate both Katrina and Lyn on their awards.