DSQ Forums

This informal forum will give youth and adults with Down syndrome the opportunity to come together and talk about what’s currently happening in their life with their fellow peers. We want to offer a forum in which we can encourage our youth and adults to openly express their views about any topics that are of interest to them in a safe and supportive environment. 

These forums are held quarterly. We have sessions on offer on Tuesdays (South Brisbane) and on Thursdays (North Brisbane) from 6:00 – 8:00pm. 

Some of the topics that could be discussed at these forums: 

  • Current activities/groups you attend 
  • Support networks 
  • Future planning 
  • Your goals and interests 
  • Independent living 
  • Frustrations and concerns 
  • Roadblocks and barriers 
  • Sharing ideas and experiences 

We also like to look at incorporating other aspects of personal development that would be of relevance to our members such as skills around public speaking, self-advocacy, work readiness, etc. 

DSQ will also try and organise for guest speakers to attend forums if we feel that they are more specialised in providing any information/training.