There will eventually come a time in a person's life when they will want to move out of home and live independently.  Although this process may seem very complex and daunting, do not be put off!  For a person with Down syndrome to be able to move into a place they call their own, it can provide an array of valuable opportunities in life for greater choice, control, and independence.  With plenty of planning and assistance from the relevant supports, the transition process can be made as smooth and successful as possible.

There will be some things that need to be considered when supporting the person to move out of home.  Some of the questions that they may need to ask themselves could include:

• Life Skills – Do I have the skills and confidence to live independently?
• Living Arrangements – Do I want to live by myself or share with others?
• Financial situation – How will I sustain myself to live independently?
• Type of Accommodation – What type of place do I want to live in? – House/Townhouse/Unit?
• Location – Where do I want to live?
• Items – What will I need in my new home?
• Support – Will I need extra assistance to live out of home? Who will I contact if I have any issues?
• Expectations – What can I expect when I move out of home?
• Time-frame – When do I want to move out of home?

For those people who may require extra support and planning, there are supports that you may be able to access to assist with the transition process.

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For further information and support please contact the team at DSAQ on (07) 3356 6655 or at [email protected]