Fine Motor Kit - Full


Fine Motor Kit - Full


Contents include:

Bead Threading

Build Fine Motor Skills with this threading activity. Make a necklace/bracelet, pull it apart and then start again!

Animal Threading

Practise threading the animals using the coloured shoelaces. Try different threading patterns and colour combinations.


Use this fun fine motor activity to catch the fish as fast as you can. Play with a friend and see who can catch the most or make it tricky by only catching fish of a certain colour.

Pick Up Sticks

Place all the sticks into the wooden ring. Roll the dice and remove the corresponding coloured stick. Do it without letting all the others fall. The winner is the one who doesn’t knock it down.

Marble Pick Up

Using the tongs pick out the marbles from the sand in the tin. Great fine motor activity! If you’re feeling adventurous swap the tweezers for some smaller ones.

Mini Skateboard

Practise your finger tricks with this mini skateboard, try your skills at kick flips, heel flips or even a 360 forward flip. Good for fine motor skills and finger strength.

Spinning Top

Build finger strength and fine motor skills by seeing how long you can keep the top spinning for. Time yourself to see if you can get better.

Wind up Toy

Increase finger strength through winding up the toy then let it go and watch it wiggle away!

Monkey Chain

Improve fine motor control by attempting to link all the monkeys together to make a chain. As you get better time yourself and try to beat the time.


Practise fine motor control by inserting key into padlock and unlocking it.

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