Sensory Kit


Sensory Kit


Contents include:

Water Snake

Enjoy the sensation as you squish and roll it in your hands. Glitter inside for added stimulation.


Splat Ball

Throw the ball and watch it splat flat, then watch as it will slowly goes to it‘s orignal shape. Or just enjoy the texture of the ball by squishing it between your fingers.


Fluffy Pencil Case

Run your hands up and down the fluffy exterior of this pencil case and enjoy the sensation beneath your fingertips. Gives you a soothing and relaxing feeling.


Sticky Stretchy Animals

Sensory fun with these crazy animals who love to be stretched and pulled but always revert back to original shape.


Spikey Ball

Squash, throw, pull or roll this spikey ball for a sensory.


Spikey Bracelet

Use as a sensory toy during break time or as a sensory stimulation during work.

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