Transition to Post School


Transition or change at any stage of a person’s life can be a difficult time.  Particularly for students with Down syndrome preparing to leave high school, these transitions can be a little more complex.  The process may require a lot more planning and support to ensure that the student feels empowered and are on the right path to being successful in their transition to adult life.  In being a part of the student’s support network, we want to ensure that the student will strive to achieve their personal goals and get the most out of life after they have finished school.

Transition can look at a number of different things:

• Career / Employment – Open or supported employment
• Further Education / Training – Obtaining the knowledge and skills to be able to go into a job
• Recreation / Leisure – Having an active and rich social life
• Community Awareness – Knowing the services and supports that are accessible to the person
• Life skills – Cooking, Safety, Finances, Independence, Health
• Transport – Getting a licence, Travel training
• Communication – Use of communication supports, Knowing how to communicate in different settings (e.g. Workplace, Social)
• Support Network / Relationships – Identifying who the supports are and creating a good network if necessary

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Further Information and Support

For further information and support please contact the team at DSAQ on (07) 3356 6655 or at [email protected]